Retaining wall design and wall material selection are driven by several factors. These factors include cost, required wall height, and soil characteristics. At MG Landscape and Irrigation our certified staff can design and install landscape walls that bring you the right look, the right feel, and the right style for your home or business.

Whether you need privacy for you pool, a seating wall for your patio, or a structured wall for vertical slopes, MG Landscape and Irrigation can provide you with solutions to all of your retaining wall needs.


The use of concrete pavers is a rapidly growing trend in both residential and commercial applications. Concrete pavers are unique and beneficial from many aspects, they can be installed to form variety of patterned surface, they can be put into service immediately, can be installed in practically any climate or weather, and can be removed and re-installed with limited interruptions unlike concrete or asphalt.
At MG Landscape and Irrigation our Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institution (ICPI) certified installers can transform your outdoor walkway, patio, or driveway into a functional and attractive work of art.


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