Hydroseeding & Hydromulching

Quality hyrdoseeding and hydromulching services not only improve the look of your property, but assist with erosion control and germination vital to landscape development.

We use wood, cellulose or blended materials with the highest performance possible by Profile Products. Superior fibers are the foundation for superior mulches with key advantages for your property:

  • Better Coverage: engineered fibers offer dramatically more surface area, improved loft, coverage and interlock.
  • Faster Germination & Establishment: higher water-holding capacity enhances germination and growth establishment
  • Greater Productivity: Fewer clogs, better shooting distance and more uniform fibers get the job done with less effort and time wasted.
  • Better for the Environment: Through the years, Profile Products has recycled over 4 billion pounds of wood and paper, removing them from the waste stream and reintroducing them to the enrichment of the natural environment.
  • Hydroseeding is used for a wide range of projects including commercial/residential landscape, sports fields and golf courses.



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